Top 5 Tips for Reducing Clutter in Your Home

2019-02-20 Tips

 Although living a decluttered life is appealing, it’s also a challenge that many don’t know how or where to start! The simplicities that come when your home is neat and free from clutter is exciting and the good news is that decluttering isn’t reserved for only a select few with a special gift. With the right tips, it’s easy to declutter the home and live the quaint lifestyle that you crave. 

One Day Away

The 365-day challenge allows you to declutter by giving away one item that you no longer want, need or use each day of the year. Choose any item that you want to part with and do with it whatever you want, as long as it leaves the home. If everyone participates in this easy challenge, it can really declutter the house very quickly. 

Pick a Cause

When there is a charity that needs donations and the issue is close to your heart, it will encourage you to sort through those boxes, hit the garage with a vengeance, and sort out the things that you don’t need that just take up space in the house. whether you have a soft spot for homelessness, pet issues, child abuse, domestic violence, or something else, many local organizations that support these causes in the area can benefit from your donations. 

The Five Minute Rule

This five minute real is simple. Take five minutes out of the day to declutter a small space in the home. Whether it is the mess drawer inthe kitchen, the cabinets in the bathroom, or the toy box in the kids room, you can do so much in a short time. Have a trash bag handy to toss items as you go. 

Make it Fun

When the activity that you’re participating in is fun, it is so much easier to stick with it and, in the case of decluttering, really get things done around the house. Turn on the music and get pumped about regaining space that you’ve lost in the house due to clutter! Whatever makes you happy, do that when it is time to declutter. You’ll amaze yourself when so much gets done in such a short amount of time! 

Let it Go

If the item hasn’t been worn or used in more than six months, it is useless to you and is doing nothing more than taking up space in the home. Re-evaluate the items that you own and decide if that is something that you really need. This tactic is widely used by professional organizers and their duties include removing the lesser used items in your home. When items aren’t regularly used, they may not be as worthy as you thought and tossing it or giving it away may be the best option. 

The Bottom Line

Use the tips above to help declutter your home and regain the space that you’ve lost. Although it may be a challenge to declutter, the end results are amazing and well worth your efforts. Besides, when the tips above are put to use, decluttering feels much more exciting and less like a chore.

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