Video Doorbells Are Becoming More Popular. Should You Get One?

2019-06-26 Home

As we watch the news on television or read articles on our phones or in the newspaper, it is truly saddening that a lot of crimes happen all around us every day. For this reason, people are getting more cautious than ever before and it is becoming fairly common for them to invest in modern and convenient home security systems.

Contrary to what some people may think, a security system does not have to be all that fancy and complex, and they don’t even have to be very expensive. Some may think that security systems are reserved for commercial buildings and mansions where the stakes are higher. For a simple residential home however, there are quite a few home security devices and systems sold that are inexpensive and will really work well.

In recent years, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have become quite common and can be placed not only in public places but also in your own home. They have become fairly affordable as well, so you can choose to have just one or multiple if you want to monitor several places. Using these security cameras, you can conveniently record and monitor what has happened and who came to your home. You can even connect them to wifi so that you can see what is happening at your home in real-time while you are away using your smart phone or computer.

There are a range of devices available that use the CCTV camera technology, and one place that it’s popping up more and more frequently is in video doorbells. These devices can also be monitored on your phone so that you can see who is coming to your doorstep and ringing the bell without ever having to open the door. Some of the more popular video doorbells are made by a company called ring, two of the favorites being the ring doorbell 2 and the ring doorbell pro. The two are a bit different, and there are reasons why you might choose the ring doorbell 2 vs pro, but ultimately it comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Of course the question remains, is it worth it to have a video doorbell? As said before, there are an awful lot of crimes happening these days. We should be more aware and careful wherever we are, even in our own homes. Having a traditional doorbell and a peephole is certainly nice, but it does still require you to go near the door and look to see who’s there. Also, if someone is at your home and ringing the bell while you are a way there is no way of knowing.

With a video doorbell on the other hand, there is no need for you to go near the door when someone unexpected rings the bell, which can certainly help you feel more safe and secure. Add to that, with most video doorbells you can talk to your visitors via an intercom, and you can even do this while you are away without ever revealing your absence. You can also use video doorbells to keep track of who is coming in and out of your home on a daily basis. Like a CCTV camera, it can also record and download the video if there was suspicious activity.

Getting back to the question at hand, is it worth it to have a video doorbell? My opinion is that it’s an investment that is worth the security and peace of mind that your home and family are safe. Beyond that, they are very convenient and come with several benefits. Life is short, but that does not mean we shouldn’t be careful. It also does not mean that we should have to worry all the time, and video doorbell can certainly help with that.

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