Owning a home is far different than owning an apartment. An apartment comes with a superintendent and maintenance but with a house, you have to do a lot of maintenance yourself unless you are prepared to spend money out of pocket. Due to the economy and the added expenses, a home brings it is best to learn to do some things yourself. To begin you have to make sure you have the essential tools every homeowner should have. The first step is to learn some basics about home repair and then make a list of the tools you should have on hand. 

You can be sure that a large-scale home improvement store and hardware stores will have the tools you require. It might even be economical to purchase tools in sets. As you make your purchases just ask the sales staff to help you and advise you about which tools are better for you. 

The basic homeowner tools: 

• Claw Hammer 
• Tape Measure 
• Submarine Level 
• Hacksaw 
• Screwdrivers―Multiple Sizes (Regular and Phillips) 
• Adjustable Wrench 
• Pliers (Regular and Needle Nose) 
• Channel Locks 
• Hex Wrenches 
• Extension Cord 

Besides these basic tools, it is important to have a cordless drill. For most homeowners, an 18-volt model should be good. Of course, there are options which a home improvement store staff can explain to you but be sure to let them know you are a first-time homeowner because unless you have repaired things before you will not need a supermodel. When you make your first purchase it is always good to buy an extra battery as well. The drill, batter, and charger should last you a good long time and don’t forget to purchase different sizes of drills and bits. 

As you progress and as you learn you might consider sometime later on to purchase some kind of electric saw which can be of help to build things, take care of the garden and trees and so on. Of course, in the beginning, it is best just to keep to the basics. 
If your home comes with a garden either small or good sized it would also be a good idea to purchase the basic garden equipment to keep your garden nice and tidy. If you have a small sized garden you can do well with a hand-pushed lawnmower but if your garden includes larger territory you might consider purchasing a rider mower. Think small size and easy to maneuver. 

Basic garden and lawn equipment: 

• Garden rake 
• Leaf rake 
• Hoe 
• Spade 
• Hedge trimmers 
• String trimmer or weed-eater 
• Chainsaw 
• Ax 
• Pruners 

Keep in mind that in the beginning, it is best to start with only the basics unless you have had experience in home repairs and gardening. Then you can add on to your equipment as time goes by. Unless you have a good sized garage you might consider purchasing a simple tool shed to store all of your equipment. You might also consider purchasing some DIY homeowner repair books and gardening books to help you along.